Beautiful Barn at Edgewood wedding

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January 19, 2022

This unforgettable day started out with Steven going around the room talking to each of his groomsmen pointing out their strengths and reading scripture to encourage them. When I think about what the day looked like, the word intentional comes to mind. Savannah and Steven not only care deeply for each other, but it is evident that they cared so much for everyone that was in attendance.

I adored the simplicity of where they chose to have their ceremony, outside under a huge tree and while I love a beautiful floral display as much as the next one I loved that the beauty was focused solely on Savannah and Steven’s marriage. Sometimes stripping away all the extras can help everyone focus and remember the most important and whole focus of the wedding day. The marriage! That is how this ceremony felt. It was beautiful, full of tears and focused on what was most important!

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