THE husband & Wife team behind Peper LOve Photography

Welcome, I'm Emily Peper and I can't wait to know you better. 
I absolutely love being around people and treasure good fellowship with others. 

Photography is a gift as I get a front row seat to life’s most precious moments, and sometimes even challenging ones. I get to be there when no one else is and do my best to preserve that moment, that emotion, that joy, that sorrow, that anticipation and excitement! My hope is that in the days to follow you can reflect back on the memories that were captured in an image and be thankful for that season in your life.

There’s nothing that compares to seeing a mom and dad lay their eyes on their child for the first time, seeing the love between family members as we enjoy an evening chasing toddlers for a smile as the sun sets, celebrating with flying confetti as a senior is about to graduate and move on to the next phase of life, capturing the joy on family members faces as they celebrate being cancer free.

MY PASSION, I love people


put me behind a camera capturing beautiful people and their beautiful unique stories, nine times out of ten I will shed tears.






You can find me doing my editing in a coffee shop sipping on an iced vanilla latte

We have two kids. Rylie who is 6 and Noah who is 5.

My faithful second shooter is my husband Brandon. We've been married 9 years, 10 in January. 

I've always had a desire to live in Africa and open an orphanage





I was born and raised in Texas

I'm an extrovert. I absolutely love being around people and treasure good fellowship with others. You will never find me just having surface level conversation. 

Brandon is a huge reader, he buys a new book every Friday. 

My faith is hands down the most important aspect of my life.

husband and wife team


Brandon is my amazing second shooter and partner in action. When I decided I wanted to pursue photography, Brandon was the one researching equipment, watching videos, reading, and ordering. I'm so thankful to have a second shooter who knows me best. He'll be a presence of calm on the wedding day during the storm. 

He's an incredible father, teacher, and husband. I'm so thankful for the family the Lord has blessed us with. It's the little moments of laughing with the kids as they play games around the house, doing the dishes together, and cracking jokes that melt my heart. Shooting our couples weddings is like remembering our own first years together and adds such a sweet element to this business. 

The excitement of a newly engaged couple is almost too much to handle - seeing the tears fall from a father’s eyes as he sees his daughter in her wedding gown for the first time, and the look the groom gives as he watches his bride walk down the aisle gets me every single time. But the joy doesn’t end there, capturing the love that has grown between a couple that’s been married for sixty years is truly something to be admired and adored.


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