Jackson’s Family Portrait Session


April 14, 2022

I’ve known these guys for a while now and they truly are some of the sweetest friends. I met MJ years ago when we worked in the same department at Liberty University. I’m pretty sure we became good friends on the first day of working together! She is seriously one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet! Anyhow, during the time of us working together we ended up starting a Bible study in our home going through the book of Genesis (which we had for two years and never even made it all the way through Genesis). Through that, we became even closer.

Here we are years later both with little families! I seriously love living life with others, like truly actually living life with others. It is so encouraging and fulfilling. I’m so thankful for MJ, her sweet friendship and her precious family! I even had the opportunity to keep Mackenzie for a while when she was a baby, I so enjoyed it and my kids definitely did too.

I’m so thankful that I’ve been able to capture these sweet friends over the years and through all the different seasons in their lives, it brings me so much joy! We had so much fun (or well I know I had so much fun) taking these yesterday! I just LOVE getting to watch families interact with each other! Enjoy!

  1. MJ says:

    We had so much fun doing this photoshoot too! I feel like we’re just hanging out with you and having good time as a family, and then you snap all these pretty pictures. Thank you for capturing these so we can cherish their sweet little faces forever!

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