Blue Ridge Parkway Engagement Session


June 17, 2021

I have an overdue beautiful engagement session for you guys to see!! I had the best time wondering the blue ridge parkway with Ashton and Luke. They did a fantastic job braving the cold and wind during a session that was supposed to be warm and springy. Looking at these photos you would never guess that it was in the 50’s…. but Ashton and Luke would remind you that it was in fact, cold. Behind the camera I was in pants and a sweatshirt and I was still cold, so you can imagine how these two felt. They were amazing though!

I learned during their session that Ashton likes to cuddle, so this was especially fun for her. 🙂 They honestly go so well together and I can’t wait to see them thrive in their marriage. Luke works in student ministry and Ashton has worked a lot with student camps, so they are going to make the BEST team! I’m excited for all the amazing things these two will be able to accomplish together.

Ashton and Luke, you will be saying I do in just a couple of months….so excited! I know there has been a lot of transition already and marriage will add to that, but what an INCREDIBLE journey you are about to start together! I can’t wait to be there with you guys and be able to witness the coming together of your marriage! 🙂

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