Ashley & Anthony’s Beautiful Front Yard Wedding!!

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July 6, 2020

I think it’s safe to say that most of us know that the wedding industry as a whole has suffered greatly from COVID – 19. More importantly all the Bride and Grooms have had to make some really hard decisions regarding their weddings. Planning a wedding as most of us know is no easy task. Add on the stress of a global pandemic and the pressure to decide on keeping your wedding date or reschedule, that’s enough to make your head spin.

I have been so impressed with all the couples and their ability to stay calm and make all the decisions that are best for them! Ashley and Anthony really impressed me with the way they handled everything… and I may be biased, but their wedding turned out to be the cutest wedding I’ve ever seen! I think there was a grand total of twelve of us and it was the most precious wedding full of all the love!

I loved that they chose to keep their wedding date. It really showed me what was most important to them, their marriage! The wedding was great, but LOVE is greater! Plus they will get to celebrate and do it all over again if they choose with all the friends and family at a later date! It’s a beautiful thing!

When Anthony and Ashley told me they were going to get married in his brothers front yard, I was so excited! Ashley said it was going to be very simple…but it was far from that. It was so beautiful…even Ashley was surprised. Ashley’s event designer showed up and set up the front yard for their wedding as a SURPRISE! How sweet is that! Just look and enjoy their sweet day!

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