Sarah + Phillip

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December 20, 2019

Sarah is a longtime good friend from my home state of Texas. We lived together for our first few years of college and we definitely spent way too much time sitting on her bed with her laptop watching shows. We always had such a blast though! We were both in each other’s weddings and we have always made it a priority to stay in touch with each other. I honestly have been so blest in life with the sweetest friends. It’s important to me to always make good, meaningful, long lasting friendships wherever I am.

Fast forward to many years later, Sarah recently got stationed in Norfolk, she’s a JAG in the Navy. This has been so exciting for both of us! We have been taking advantage of living close to each other again and have tried to get together as much as possible! I’m especially thankful for this season because Sarah and Phillip just had their first child (literally a few days ago).

Before I get ahead of myself I should probably back it up to the spring. Sarah had to move up to Virginia before her husband was able to. Once he was able to move up we scheduled a weekend for them to come down to Lynchburg to visit. Naturally, while they were here we had to fit in a session! I was so happy we were able to do this, especially because they had recently found out they were expecting their first little one! More on her later!!

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