The Fowlers, Liberty Medical School


May 6, 2022

That’s it, I’m sold on morning sessions! If you’re interested, I am for hire!! 🙂 Sometimes all you have to work with is a little spot on the side of the road that has the perfect light shining through the trees and it becomes pure bliss! I truly believe that you can find beautiful spots almost anywhere, I actually welcome the challenge!

Now, on to this sweet family! I’m so thankful to know them and to have witnessed some amazing seasons in their lives. I’m convinced my clients will never know their impact on my life and my business…after all, it’s my clients that make it what it is! I’ve had the opportunity of knowing them for about four-ish years now. I’ve been able to capture different seasons in their lives. One of my favorites being when their son was born but I think this one takes the cake! I have learned that medical school is most definitely a whole family team effort. I’ve had the opportunity to watch many families walk that journey together and all of them have walked through it so well!

Chloe and Chase, congratulations on making it through! You’re finished! I am so excited for you guys and for all that’s to come! I know you guys are going to have the best time being back in Utah… I need to come visit someday, it is absolutely beautiful there! Soak up these last few days in Virginia, you guys will certainly be missed! Enjoy looking through this most recent milestone in your lives! 🙂

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